Tiffen Square Filters

  • Full Netural Density (FND) Filter 3, 6, 9
  • Graduated Netural Density (GND) Filter 3, 6, 9
  • Hard Graduated Netural Density (NDG Hard) Filter 3, 6, 9
  • White Pro Mist (WP) 1/4, 1/2, 1
  • Black Pro Mist (BPM) Filter 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1
  • Warm Black Pro Mist (Warm BPM) Filter 1/8, 1/2
  • Gold Diffusion (GDF) Filter 1/4, 1/2, 1
  • Black Diffusion FX (BDF) Filter 1, 2
  • Soft FX (SFX) Filter 1/2, 1, 2, 3
  • Glimmer Glass (G Glass) Filter 1, 2, 3
  • Polarizer Filter
  • Enhancing Filter
  • Variable sizes: 4×4 / 4×5.6

Tiffen Circular Polarizing Filter

  • Variable sizes: 77mm, 82mm
  • Makes a Blue Sky Bluer
  • Enhances Clouds
  • Eliminates Reflections
  • High Quality ColorCore Glass

Chrosziel 4x4 Matte Box

  • Accommodates Wide Angle Lenses
  • 2 Filter Stages
  • Filter size: 4×4 / 4×5.65
  • Integrated bracket for 15mm bars
  • French Flag included
  • Weight: 860 g
  • 104mm mount Clamp On version avaliable

Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate

  • for Sony FS5 or Panasonic Eva 1
  • Front 15mm Rod Adapter Set Far Back
  • Large Ergonomic Gel Polymer Shoulder Pad
  • Spring-Loaded Lever Plate Adjustment
  • VCT14-Compatible V-Wedge

Tiffen Variable ND Fader Round Filter

  • Provides 2 to 8 Stops of Light Control
  • Rotating Ring to Choose Degree of ND
  • Variable Sizes: 77mm, 82mm

Movcam Cage for Sony a7s II

  • Form-Fitting Camera Cage
  • 1/4″-20 Threaded Accessory Threads
  • Shoe Mount
  • Maintains Access to Multi Interface Shoe
  • HDMI Cable Bracket
  • Optional Baseplate & Riser Block
  • Optional Top Handles

Chrosziel Lightweight Support for Sony PXW-FS5

  • V-Mount Plate for VCT-14 Attachment
  • Extendable, Ergonomic Shoulder Pad
  • Extends for Secure VCT-14 Mounting
  • Flexible Tripod Adapter Plate
  • Rosette Adapters
  • Clamp Levers

Zacuto Z-Finder for Panasonic EVA1

  • EVA1 Z-Finder loupe with 1.8x magnification and diopter wheel
  • Two (2) Extender Frames
  • EVA1 flip up mounting frame with rod mount
  • 3″ Rod
  • Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and protective boot
  • Z-Finder Dust Cover

Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 DGX 1.4x AF Teleconverter
EF Mount

RECPRO PB-D150V 150Wh VLock Battery

Power Meter : Blue Color 4-LED Power Monitor
Capacity : 10400 mAh / 153.92 Wh
Maximum Load : 10A / 150W
USB Output : 5V, 10W / 2.1A max
D-Tap Output : 14.8V, 75W / 5A max
DC Output : 14.8V, 75W / 5A max
Weight : 880 g

SWIT S-8110S 146Wh VLock Battery

  • Li-ion, 14.4V, 146Wh large capacity
  • D-tap output socket
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • Multiple circuit protections

SWIT S-8160S 190Wh VLock Battery

  • Intelligent digital chip
  • Li-ion, 14.4V, 190Wh capacity
  • Max 100W, 8A load
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • Multiple circuit protections

SWIT S-8192S 92+92Wh Dividable VLock Battery

  • Divide into 2 parts of 92Wh capacity each (Patent)
  • Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
  • Li-ion, 14.4V, 92+92Wh capacity
  • D-tap output socket
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • Multiple circuit protections

SWIT S-8180S 220Wh High-Load VLock Battery

  • High-load Li-ion battery pack
  • Maximum 140W, 12A constant output
  • 14.4V, 220Wh capacity
  • D-tap output socket
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • V-mount connection
  • Multiple circuit protection


The EngRig is the best solution for ”front heavy” full size shoulder camcorders.
The camera front is supported by the “Active Suspension Support Pod” and a comfortable padded support belt.
The support attachment connected to the camera bottom allows normal use of the original Quick Release plate or Matte Box rods.
The adjustable support point can balance virtually any shoulder camera size.
The EngRig takes off the load from the arm, and most of the load from the shoulder.

CR800 HD Wireless Video System

  • FullHD 1080 50/60p
  • up to 800m distance

Antari HZ-500 Haze Machine

Heavy Fog Haze Machine

Metabones PL to Sony E-mount T Adapter (Black Matt)

Attach 35mm PL Prime Lens to Sony E-mount cameras/camcorders

  • Compatible with Sony E-mount cameras/camcorders.


PL to Sony E mount Adapter

  • This Product allows the use of any 35mm format PL mounted lens on the Sony NEX-3, NEX-5 and the new NEX-VG10.
  • Provision to accept the MTF M/43 & E Mount Support

Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA Adapter
EF Mount to E Mount

  • Increase maximum aperture by 1 stop.
  • Makes lens 0.71x wider.
  •  Advanced 5-element/4-group optical design incorporating ultra-high index tanatalum-based optical glass by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending).
  • Electronic integration of aperture diaphragm, controlled by or from the camera body.
  • Partial autofocus support for late-model (post-2006) Canon-brand lenses.
  • Powered by camera body. No external power source required.

Metabones T Smart Adapter
EF Mount to E Mount

  • Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E-Mount Body
  • Works with Full-Frame and APS-C Cameras
  • Switch for In-Body Image Stabilization
  • Support for Phase- & Contrast-Detect AF
  • Smooth Iris with Select Adapted Lenses
  • Control Aperture from Camera Body
  • Programmable Fn Button; Status LED Light
  • Transfers Exif Data to Camera
  • Weather-Resistant Rubber Mount Gasket
  • Compatible with Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II

Sony XDCA Extension Unit for PXW-FS7

The Extension Unit offers additional I/O connectors like Timecode and

Genlock for multi-camera operation or the possibility to use common V-

Mount batteries. It also allows RAW data output to record 12-bit RAW

footage on the AXS-R5 (in combination with HXR-IFR5), or another third

party RAW recorder via the FS RAW Interface. The XDCA-FS7 will

encode the video stream into the Apple ProRes 422 codec, which is then

recorded on to the internal XQD media.

SHAPE Sony FS7 Remote Extension Handle

  • For Use with Sony FS7 SmartGrip
  • Attaches to ARRI Standard Rosette
  • Telescopic Extension & 360°: Rotation
  • Push-Button Angle Adjustment
  • Ratcheting Lever for Length Adjustment
  • CNC-Machined Aluminum Construction

DJI Focus Wireless Follow Focus System

  • Maximum Speed 192 rpm
  • Power Requirements 9 to 16 VDC
  • Weight 170 g, Controller 745 g
  • Frequency 2.415 to 2.473 GHz
  • Range 100 m



Sony AXS-R5 Recorder

  • Enables 16-bit 4K and 2K RAW Recording
  • “Bolt-Onto” PMW-F55 and F5 Cameras
  • Facilitates “Off-Line/On-Line” Workflows
  • Supports High Speed Frame Rates
  • Uses AXSM Memory Cards

AJA HD-SDI/SDI serial digital distribution amplifier

  • Compact HD-SDI/SDI Distribution
  • Four Separately Buffered Serial HD-SDI/SDI Outputs
  • Auto Equalization
  • Acts as a Low Cost Repeater
  • Automatic multi-standard
  • Miniature Size

Zacuto FS5 Z-Finder

This Z-finder will magnify the LCD screen by 2x and has a diopter for specific focus tuning. It cuts out any extraneous light and offers an initial point of stability by pressing your eye against our comfy, large eyecup

Chrosziel Matte Box 411-50 for Sony PD camera

  • Mask 16:9 and French Flag
  • SunShade 4×4 (4:3/16:9)
  • 2 Filterholder 4×4 (1 rotating)

Movcam Cage Kit for Sony a7Sii

  • Form-Fitting Camera Cage
  • Removable Top Handle
  • Riser Block for Quick-Release Attachment
  • Provides Proper Lens Height
  • Baseplate with LWS 15mm Rod Ports
  • 1/4″-20 Threaded Accessory Holes
  • Cold Shoe on Cage and Top Handle
  • Maintains Access to Video Functions

TP-600 ENG Prompter + Operator

  • Special 60/40 Glass allows the presenter to read the script and the camera to see the subject
  • Strong and rigid prompter frame fixes securely to any standard tripod quick release plate
  • The prompter frame is designed to allow stand alone, in front of camera lens prompting
  • The black camera snood/hood is adjustable to adapt for a wide variety of cameras
  • Quick and simple assembly that requires no special tooling
  • Expandable mounting bracket system allows simple but secure installation of tablet

SWIT 92+92Wh Dividable V-mount Battery Pack

  •  Divide into 2 parts of 92Wh capacity each (Patent)
  •  Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
  •  Li-ion, 14.4V, 92+92Wh capacity
  •  D-tap output socket
  •  4-level LED power indicator
  •  V-mount connection

Teradek Bolt Pro 300 - wireless video system

The Teradek Bolt is a zero delay (< 1ms) wireless video system that transmits uncompressed 1080p60, 4:2:2 video up to 2000ft (600 m) over the unlicensed 5GHz band.

All Bolt models are multicast capable up to 4 receivers, support time-code and metadata pass through, and include theUSB 3.0 GRAB Engine.

Step Up/Down Voltage Converter Transformer 110V TO 220V

  • 100 watts capacity
  • converts 110 to 220 volt or 220 to 110 volt for continuous use
  • 2 Outlets
  • Fuse Protection

Vocas FS7 Base Plate

  • Transforms the camera into a true shoulder camera and make the camera compatible with many other support systems.
  • Features an adjustable rubber shoulder pad, fixed rosette attachments and 15mm rails in the front and back.